day 28: a phone call

October 1, 2008


  • call a friend i haven’t spoke to in a while

this particular mission wasn’t really planned.  and i have to admit was more for selfish reasons than to purely reach out to homeboy.  well.  i’m not sure.  i had been meaning to reach out to my good friend naj for a long while of late.  we both suck at keeping in touch on the phone so we basically never talk on the phone.  we mostly keep it online instant message nerd steelo.  but every time i hear that dude’s voice, my spirit lights up.

i guess everything happens when it’s supposed to.  numbed and exhausted from a sadness that overcame me yesterday, i wasn’t quite in the mood to talk about what was wrong, but suddenly felt the urge to call naj just to catch up.  i really never call people to just chat so when i felt that urge, i pushed myself to act on it.

the phone rang…rang…rang.  enough times that i thought i was about to get voicemail.  and right as i was gearing up to hear the voicemail, naj picks up.  to the point that i wasn’t sure if it was naj or his voicemail i was hearing on the other end at first.  almost immediately, though, i realized i had  gotten the real live naj :)

it felt good to shoot the isht and catch up on naj’s progress.  he is in hustle mode to start a t-shirt line with a couple homies of his.  and i just found out he got an investor!  we both spoke about our respective daydreams about visiting eachother and eachother’s cities (he’s in dc).

i’ve been telling naj for months that i’m going to get him a webcam so we can video chat.  we’re both pretty animated in-person people, so i think the phone doesn’t really do us much justice.  we need that other level :D  so i needa hook my najjie up with some online video lovin stalkerage.  there are just so many options and price points!  shopping for electronics is always a job because i find myself in endless feature comparisons and technical product research.

anyhoot.  it was inevitable that i was going to breakdown and rant to naj about what had been on my mind.  so he listened, like he always does.  kept it real and kept it positive, like he always does.  told me to have faith, keep on, etc.  the usual.  i talk that poor boy’s ear off and he still loves me.  ha :)

it always feels good to stay connected to the people i love.  i’ve been trying to get better with it.  with time, i will.

and really, that’s the message.  love those you love.  tell them.  show them.  stay in touch, forreal…like, not for pretend – i.e. tell them you should keep in touch every time you see them without a peep in between meetings.  staying in touch could even mean a two line note every now and then.  a phone call when you can manage (or make yourself manage).  that constancy of connection makes a world of difference.  i think it’s what we live for.  connection.  we stay busy, but the truth is we’ll continue to stay busy…so take a breath to say: “hello.  i love you.”

peace :)


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