day 29: samosas and smiles

October 2, 2008


  • have a generally positive day on eid.  try to smile and help others do the same.
  • share your last bit

as i mentioned, yesterday was eid-ul fitr, the day marking the end of ramadan.  it’s a blessed day full of thankfulness, lots of food and chillage, friends, and fam.

yesterday morning i woke up upset, struggling to get ready for the day.  so i made my goal simple: to smile, keep it positive, and try to share some good energy with others.

i got to the eid prayer late but was able to catch the khutbah, or sermon, i guess you could say.  shaykh hamza spoke about our society and community’s superficial worries compared to those who are really struggling.  he talked about how the average upper-middle class person lives better than most kings did.  we have it better than we know.  that quickly forced me to humble myself of my troubles.

after the khutbah was over, i carried on the rest of the afternoon lightheartedly greeting folks and wishing them a happy eid.  i walked around to a couple food stalls with my moms to sample the food – i always want to try everything.  i ended up taking a liking to these certain samosas.  so later, when i went back to grab myself a couple more, i randomly somehow decided to instead grab two dozen to hand out to people hanging around.  it wasn’t really my ‘planned act’ for the day, it just kind of took the general theme of me trying to have a good positive day.  my friend shereen asked if i had planned it as my act for the day – i laughed saying i didn’t but realized that it could be :D

i mostly handed samosas out to people i knew, but i even handed out one or two to some strangers.  eid is a very communal time, so it wasn’t like people were particularly surprised by such an act of sharing.  nonetheless, my randomness and excitement about food brought a smile to people’s faces.  and me stuffing people’s faces always makes me happy.

it was funny, we came down to the last few samosas and i still hadn’t had one.  i decided that giving them all away felt better, so i did.  i didn’t eat even one from that batch.  but i was full.

feel me?



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