the end of an era

October 8, 2008

sort of.

yes.  i delayed for almost a week on the last post.  sincere apologies.  i wanted to initially do something else for the last post but wasn’t able to find time to do it.  so, i decided to get off my laggin behind and write about another simple yet very relevant topic instead. i had such a steady flow – had to mess with the forces for the last day, huh?

i hope you all enjoyed the journey with me.  i have never ever posted every day for more than a few days or so straight…in my life.  it was very much a challenge: coming up with an idea for a different act everyday, making sure it was doable within my schedule, doing it, and then taking the time to write a thoughtful post about it.  but it was very rewarding in many ways; a lot of fun times that indeed felt like “missions.” and also very interesting to constantly be so conscious and reflective of my actions.

thank you so much for all the positive feedback.  it was amazing to hear that the blog inspired folks to pay it forward and do some kind acts of their own!  definitely was a (hopeful) goal.  your participation in this process has made everything all the more meaningful no doubt.  so thank you thank you thank you for your support and smiles :)

the rehes is trying to maintain her facade of being ultra-busy lady (i.e. maybe teaching myself to be productive in other departments), so the frequency of my personal posting here is questionable.  i will try to post something in regards to acts of kindness or general inspiration/positivity now and then, if that is of interest to folks.  i still haven’t figured out the model for the next project…but it’ll be hosted here as well – everything TBD/TBA/alla’that.

but.  but.  buttttttt!!!!  i would love to post your stories up here.  acts of kindnesss you’ve done, have been done unto you, or that you have observed.  peep the “submit” section on here for a bit more detail.  feel free to email me with any ideas or musings or stories ;)

a lotta lotta lovinnnnnnn,


One Response to “the end of an era”

  1. beanay said

    Yay! Keep it going, woman! ;)

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