the “thank you for being nice to me” files

October 9, 2008

ok. let me reiterate: anything i do from here on out, unless otherwise stated, will be totally noncommittal. haha! no promise on consistency dudes – but i will let the wind move me. deal? deal.

over the course of the 30 days project i had some folks do some really dope things for me. i had meant to write about them but keeping up with the regular posts proved to be challenge enough. so now, as i wait for you all to send your stories to me…*nudge* … i’ll try and share other folks’ good deeds here.

nice person i know #1: unnamed muni bus driver for the 24 divisadero line

today.  i was late to work for the billllllionth time or so.  and i mean…i’ve crossed all thresholds of shamelessness…pretty much everyday.  but there’s one threshold i’ve tried to at least diligently avoid – the 10am mark (mind you i’m supposed to be at work between 8.30-9am. not.)

so yeah, that 10am mark was hella about to happen.  everyday when i get off the elevator pathetically late, i say: bismillah ir rahman ir rahim, which in arabic means in the name of God the most Merciful the most Kind.  i always fear that today will be the day i’m fired for being so late, again :D  so i say this phrase as i get off the elevator every morning so that if i do get fired, i can feel a little better that God maybe willed it since i started my descent from the elevator in God’s name.  hahaha – yeah, i’m weird.

anyway.  i run up to my bus stop (i’d walk to bart, but – i’m always late) to find the 24 divisadero bus stopped in front of me.  it never turns onto mission so i figured maybe it was the 14 mislabeled or something.  the doors open and some passengers get out.  i look up at the bus driver hopeful that my hypothesis is correct.  she looks back at me like, “nah, dude” aka “this the 24, buddy.”  i’m looking forlorn at this point – picture this expression amidst my sleepy ass looking half awake – so it’s that half ‘i care but don’t care’ expression…since i’m so tired.  ahhh, limbo.

the bus driver ends up feeling sorry for me, i think – so she asks me where i’m going.  “24th and mission” i tell her.  she tells me she’s going down to 25th anyway so if i don’t mind walking a block – get on.  i still didn’t get why the divis was going down mission, but whatever – i got on.

turns out she was at the end of her shift and was going back to return the bus.  so – i also happened to get “express” service – straight shot to my destination, no stops.

was hella late, still.  but maybe 10+ minutes less late.  i did beat the 10am mark (if it wasn’t for my bus lady, i otherwise probably would have shamed even myself).

i got to make faces at the baby on bart, though.  lip trilling and grunt competitions ensued.

started off my morning so wrong but so right.


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