love superhero #3: ciprian gherghescu

April 30, 2009

it’s been awhiiiileee.  but hey, i got something in the inbox and true to my word…here’s someone’s story of kindness to share.  feel free to share yours!

dated february 26, 2009:

When I was coming to Romania from New York on Christmas, on the way I spent a few days in Dublin, and over there on the way to the airport I met an Italian Girl who moved to Ireland to learn English, and she was so excited I was  coming from the US where I got an education that we had a experience sharing our stories to each other.

So I gave her my favorite book in English as a Christmas present.


5 Responses to “love superhero #3: ciprian gherghescu”

  1. BBMIMI said

    Ohh how beautiful! Im sure you guys looked so cute together! So what happen? Where you able to keep contact?

  2. BBMIMI said

    lol were

  3. @BBMIMI yeah, actually, we’re connected on facebook and we keep in touch now

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