the end of an era

October 8, 2008

sort of.

yes.  i delayed for almost a week on the last post.  sincere apologies.  i wanted to initially do something else for the last post but wasn’t able to find time to do it.  so, i decided to get off my laggin behind and write about another simple yet very relevant topic instead. i had such a steady flow – had to mess with the forces for the last day, huh?

i hope you all enjoyed the journey with me.  i have never ever posted every day for more than a few days or so straight…in my life.  it was very much a challenge: coming up with an idea for a different act everyday, making sure it was doable within my schedule, doing it, and then taking the time to write a thoughtful post about it.  but it was very rewarding in many ways; a lot of fun times that indeed felt like “missions.” and also very interesting to constantly be so conscious and reflective of my actions.

thank you so much for all the positive feedback.  it was amazing to hear that the blog inspired folks to pay it forward and do some kind acts of their own!  definitely was a (hopeful) goal.  your participation in this process has made everything all the more meaningful no doubt.  so thank you thank you thank you for your support and smiles :)

the rehes is trying to maintain her facade of being ultra-busy lady (i.e. maybe teaching myself to be productive in other departments), so the frequency of my personal posting here is questionable.  i will try to post something in regards to acts of kindness or general inspiration/positivity now and then, if that is of interest to folks.  i still haven’t figured out the model for the next project…but it’ll be hosted here as well – everything TBD/TBA/alla’that.

but.  but.  buttttttt!!!!  i would love to post your stories up here.  acts of kindnesss you’ve done, have been done unto you, or that you have observed.  peep the “submit” section on here for a bit more detail.  feel free to email me with any ideas or musings or stories ;)

a lotta lotta lovinnnnnnn,



  • pay a stranger a sincere compliment

i’ve been meaning to do this one for a while, i’ve done it very casually a few times this month, but decided to write about this particular occurence.  it was nothing crazy at all:

this past friday marked the near-close of a tiring week.  i can’t say i was in the best mood.  i was probably in a non-mood mood.  yeah, one of those.  i had run out of the office to do something or another and on my way back up to my box aka cubicle i found myself in the elevator with another young lady.

she had on an off white sweater and this awesome periwinkle colored scarf.  she looked so comfy.  and the colors went so well…felt light and airy.  so i decided to tell her: “i really like your scarf and how it complements your sweater.”  she beamed, “thank you!” as she tossed a part of her scarf up in the air, “i always get compliments on this!  i got it for like $15 at gap!”

yessssss.  the victory of a random cheap find complimented.  isn’t that the best?  my little dropling of goodness garnered yet more happy energy from miss lady and in turn made me smile aaaaannnd the circle of goodness thus continues.  rock out.

complimenting strangers, friends, acquaintances, and sometimes even people i don’t quite like much – really anyone – is a habit i formed a while back.  it’s kinda like – why not?  i mean, even with people you don’t particularly like or have consistently had awkward social encounters with, a compliment seriously goes a long way.  try it: next time, tell that weirdo or “mean person” you always see around something sincerely nice about themselves.  get out your marshmallows and watch them warm right up.  aaaoow.

the premise is basic: we spend so much time talking ish that it’s become commonplace.  routine.  accepted.  aka whack.  why not instead take some time to be intentionally proactive in our positivity?  instead of looking at another woman and saying, “awww, damnnnnn.  look at her hair!” why don’t we take some more time to say things like, “hey, girl, those are some dope earrings.”  maybe even try on a huge third-grade cheese after said compliment.

there is something very raw, connecting, and jarring about a random but sincere compliment from a stranger.  i think it’s a beautiful way to color the human experience.

why not go out of our way to tell our sisters how beautiful they look without makeup or show them support for standing their ground in a difficult or compromising public situation?  especially with all the nonsensical preexisting totally unnecessary cattiness amongst us.  forreal, us women need to band the eff together.  uplift each other.  we are all individually dope and there is no reason we can’t be collectively dope.   yes, without hating.  without competition.

how about we thank our brothers we see being good fathers and respectful of women?  good men exist.  let’s let them know they are appreciated and loved.  it’s only through community and consistent support that we can sustain ourselves.  and that doesn’t always mean only our everyday homie/proximal community.  i also mean one-world community.  feeeeeel me?

we can easily observe a lot of goodness walking down the street and take 5 seconds to brighten someone’s day.  no note writing needed.  no long conversations.  no planning.

just presence in the moment and an appreciation for the beauty all around us.

day 29: samosas and smiles

October 2, 2008


  • have a generally positive day on eid.  try to smile and help others do the same.
  • share your last bit

as i mentioned, yesterday was eid-ul fitr, the day marking the end of ramadan.  it’s a blessed day full of thankfulness, lots of food and chillage, friends, and fam.

yesterday morning i woke up upset, struggling to get ready for the day.  so i made my goal simple: to smile, keep it positive, and try to share some good energy with others.

i got to the eid prayer late but was able to catch the khutbah, or sermon, i guess you could say.  shaykh hamza spoke about our society and community’s superficial worries compared to those who are really struggling.  he talked about how the average upper-middle class person lives better than most kings did.  we have it better than we know.  that quickly forced me to humble myself of my troubles.

after the khutbah was over, i carried on the rest of the afternoon lightheartedly greeting folks and wishing them a happy eid.  i walked around to a couple food stalls with my moms to sample the food – i always want to try everything.  i ended up taking a liking to these certain samosas.  so later, when i went back to grab myself a couple more, i randomly somehow decided to instead grab two dozen to hand out to people hanging around.  it wasn’t really my ‘planned act’ for the day, it just kind of took the general theme of me trying to have a good positive day.  my friend shereen asked if i had planned it as my act for the day – i laughed saying i didn’t but realized that it could be :D

i mostly handed samosas out to people i knew, but i even handed out one or two to some strangers.  eid is a very communal time, so it wasn’t like people were particularly surprised by such an act of sharing.  nonetheless, my randomness and excitement about food brought a smile to people’s faces.  and me stuffing people’s faces always makes me happy.

it was funny, we came down to the last few samosas and i still hadn’t had one.  i decided that giving them all away felt better, so i did.  i didn’t eat even one from that batch.  but i was full.

feel me?


day 28: a phone call

October 1, 2008


  • call a friend i haven’t spoke to in a while

this particular mission wasn’t really planned.  and i have to admit was more for selfish reasons than to purely reach out to homeboy.  well.  i’m not sure.  i had been meaning to reach out to my good friend naj for a long while of late.  we both suck at keeping in touch on the phone so we basically never talk on the phone.  we mostly keep it online instant message nerd steelo.  but every time i hear that dude’s voice, my spirit lights up.

i guess everything happens when it’s supposed to.  numbed and exhausted from a sadness that overcame me yesterday, i wasn’t quite in the mood to talk about what was wrong, but suddenly felt the urge to call naj just to catch up.  i really never call people to just chat so when i felt that urge, i pushed myself to act on it.

the phone rang…rang…rang.  enough times that i thought i was about to get voicemail.  and right as i was gearing up to hear the voicemail, naj picks up.  to the point that i wasn’t sure if it was naj or his voicemail i was hearing on the other end at first.  almost immediately, though, i realized i had  gotten the real live naj :)

it felt good to shoot the isht and catch up on naj’s progress.  he is in hustle mode to start a t-shirt line with a couple homies of his.  and i just found out he got an investor!  we both spoke about our respective daydreams about visiting eachother and eachother’s cities (he’s in dc).

i’ve been telling naj for months that i’m going to get him a webcam so we can video chat.  we’re both pretty animated in-person people, so i think the phone doesn’t really do us much justice.  we need that other level :D  so i needa hook my najjie up with some online video lovin stalkerage.  there are just so many options and price points!  shopping for electronics is always a job because i find myself in endless feature comparisons and technical product research.

anyhoot.  it was inevitable that i was going to breakdown and rant to naj about what had been on my mind.  so he listened, like he always does.  kept it real and kept it positive, like he always does.  told me to have faith, keep on, etc.  the usual.  i talk that poor boy’s ear off and he still loves me.  ha :)

it always feels good to stay connected to the people i love.  i’ve been trying to get better with it.  with time, i will.

and really, that’s the message.  love those you love.  tell them.  show them.  stay in touch, forreal…like, not for pretend – i.e. tell them you should keep in touch every time you see them without a peep in between meetings.  staying in touch could even mean a two line note every now and then.  a phone call when you can manage (or make yourself manage).  that constancy of connection makes a world of difference.  i think it’s what we live for.  connection.  we stay busy, but the truth is we’ll continue to stay busy…so take a breath to say: “hello.  i love you.”

peace :)

day 27: the 14, 49, or 67

September 30, 2008


  • be pleasant in even the simplest, routine instance

those are the bus lines i take to get home many days from bart.  yesterday as the 14 sped off, i sulked for just a moment.  but then i quickly remembered that the 49 is usually directly behind.  i was right.

lost in thoughts from the day, to-do lists, and plans for the evening (including my initial planned act for the day), i stayed in my head.  i’m usually in my head.  and what might surprise many, those that know and don’t know me, i don’t usually smile when i’m out and about on my own.  i often keep to myself and try to float about generally unnoticed, mean-mug defense mechanism on autopilot.

my default face is a mean mug – i can’t even help it.  my mama gets on me about it all the time.

granted, there are the moments where i am flamboyant, full of life, and walk about taking everything around me in – staring life in the face and whatnot.  but when i’m on my grind or routine, that approach to life for me is a little infrequent.

it’s largely random if i decide to say hello or smile at the busdriver as i enter the bus.  usually i’m blank, looking down or ahead of me – lost in thought or impatiently awaiting solitude at home.  there’s more of a chance i’ll say something when deboarding the bus – “thank you” or “have a good day” or “take care.”  it depends on my mood, desire to take the extra energy, and level of introversion/focus on myself and thoughts in that moment.

i get all kinds of busdrivers: many are blank-faced on the grind, a few preemptively pissed the eff off and will let you know it, others very inward and hostile as they mutter to themselves, some are rules-nazis, a couple a tad awkward, some chill and coasting through the day, with yet others jovially greeting every passenger.

my busdriver yesterday was the delightful kind.  she didn’t greet every person, but the vibrations of her voice were warm, her tone and inflection animated.  she was clearly loving life.

i wasn’t planning on saying anything to her when getting off the bus, but her energy swayed me.  on my way out – energy drenched from me and still relatively aloof, i half turned my head and let out a very even and light “have a good day.”  not very animated, but it wasn’t flat – just mellow.  coming from someone of my visible recluse disposition, i think she may have been surprised: “oh! you too!” she said merrily.  i could feel her huge smile behind me.  it compelled me to turn around and give one, albeit a small one, back.

i am usually the same introverted shadow of a person on the bus everyday.  but i remember the times i have taken a purposeful moment to say something nice to busdrivers on my way out.  more often than not, my gestures have been very warmly received.  i remember one time sensing a particular bus driver being in a bad mood and making a point to say something pleasant to him or her on my way out.  i immediately noticed how that gesture and connection uplifted their mood.

i want to try to challenge myself to exude outward positivity, warmness, and friendliness.  even when i’m inward, focused and on my grind, exhausted, or just in a plain bad mood.  i feel that good energy put out in and of itself has healing qualities both for the do-er and the receiver.  it can flip a mood.

it’s really the simple things.

be well, yall.


  • give a stranger a free pair of tickets to the sf moma

this past saturday, i was lucky enough to catch the very tail end of the frida exhibit at the sf moma.  from what i know, the show was sold out, but i was able to get tickets from a limited pool saved for corporate members (a perk i get through my job).

i’ve never taken advantage of this perk – getting into the moma free.  all i was told is that you show your ID badge to get in free with one guest.  this friday i found out that they apparently print you two tickets.  “brilliant!” i thought.  “i can give away free tickets!”

so i made plans to go over to the moma sunday to try and get frida tickets for shak to see frida on closing day.  it took me nearly an hour to find parking in soma.  it was highly frustrating, especially since i had to go home to do work i had piled up.  but alas, i was to be patient because i was trying to do something nice.  was a struggle.

once i finally found a spot, i walked over to the moma membership table only to find that frida was sold out.  i ended up getting two general admission tickets.  i had made an agreement with shak that if i didn’t get her frida tickets for sunday, i’d get her general admission tickets for another day that suited her.

so i went outside to try and figure out who to give my tickets to.  i sort of stood around the perimeter of the building for a few minutes, trying to see who was trying to get into the museum.  there were a lot of people scattered about and i couldn’t really tell one way or another so i decided to approach people in line for tickets.

i caught a french couple at the end of the line: “are you trying to go see frida?” i asked.  they told me they were but it was sold out.  i told them i had general admission tickets if they wanted to see the other exhibits.  i was trying to hand the man the tickets but he hesitated as he didn’t seem to be sure what i was doing.  “wait.  you had extra tickets or something?”  i finally got him to grab the tickets.  “no,” i said.  “i’m trying to do something nice for someone everyday and decided that today i would give someone moma tickets for free.”  “oh, ok,” said the man, still somewhat unsure what i was saying, but happy he was getting free tickets.  the woman at this point went, “oh!” sounding pleasantly surprised.

they thanked me and delightfully made their way out of line and towards the museum doors.

day 25: free hugs

September 28, 2008


  • offer free hugs and chocolate to strangers at one post plaza in sf

earlier this week i decided that i wanted to give something awesome away on craigslist.  right as i began trying to think of material things i owned that i’d be willing to give away, i remembered my challenge to self to try to do things that didn’t require money.  hmmm – free love?  a little too intangible.  i decided to offer free hugs and chocolate on craigslist.  4-6pm on friday september 26th, i did exactly that.

won’t lie.  at first i was a little afraid i was going to get a bunch of super weird/creepy folks responding.  but in reality, i ended up getting some beautiful responses to my ad:

I send you my love, and support. I thank you for your kindness!


thank you i always need a hug thank you again




are you really giving chocolate too.


You make me happy.    =]


I’ll definantly be there!  I could sure use a hug.  I’ll keep it PG.  How will I know where you are? :P



hey i do not really need free hugs but i really  want to meet new people i m from france studing here and i wanted to do what you ll do i mean the free hugs in france so that mean you re somebody nice so i hope you ll answer and we can go for a walk just speak thanks


Seher, thanks for your contribution to the peace of the world, and for your courage and determination.  Yah!  May many blessings come to you, Joi


Dear Seher…………..I cant come to give/receive a hug in person. I am disabled and dont get out. However all is cool and I am very touched by your posting. With the telephone and the internet I try to do what you are doing, but you are doing your wonderfulness with panache and style. I love it. Yours is the most unique and loving ad I have ever seen in CraigsList. I hope that Friday afternoon 4pm to 5pm goes off beautifully for you and for all who meet you there. If you have the time and inclination, I would love to hear back from you afterwards.
Sending you multitudinous hugs,
Lorelei Rathel


you are way cool  !!!!!!!————here is a e-mail hug………..I’m in Napa………….gas it too expensive and life is too frantic so I pause now to honor your effort .    God Bless you ……….


I think what you are doing is GREAT would you like to be interview on my show if so give us a call Patrick Williams


hi seher, yes the world needs a hug and so do I. from an ex marine I want to take this moment to give you a hug. only love can conquer hate. thank you my lady. jim.

nonetheless, i was a bit afraid for my safety and possible uncomfortable situations, so i was lucky when my friend shakirah offered to be my “bodyguard, sign holder, and candy hander-outer.”  she said wasn’t trying to give annnyyybody hugs – i could handle that part.  she felt like she was rather in the mood to knock someone out.  “great!” i said – “makes you all the more prepared to be my bodyguard.” :D

i get off work at 3pm on fridays so right after i left there i rushed over to walgreens to buy a big piece of posterboard and some chocolate.  i didn’t want to make the “free hugs” sign in front of folks at the plaza, so i just plopped down on some open floor area near the front of walgreens and got down to business.

per usual, i’m running 15 minutes late for my 4pm “appointment” at the plaza.  shak is running late, too.  i call her and she says she’s at the plaza.  i have my yellow beanie on and have folded up my sign so not to attact attention on my way there – i really wasn’t ready to do this alone.  i get to the plaza and no shak in sight.  commence internal freak out.  i call shak to see where she is and about 2 seconds later i see her and phil a few hundred feet away.

shak posts up with the sign, propped up on one of the steps.  i grab the candy and the minicards.  i realize that i don’t really think any craigslist folks are gonna show so we’re going to have start soliciting people:

“FREEEE HUGS AND CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”







etcetera.  we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves making up songs, jingles, freestyle raps, and dances.  many people simply walked by – some people looked at us like the odd hippies we were, others smiled quietly to themselves, while others had smiles that eventually widened into uncontainable laughter.  there were some people who approached us from even across the street, so ready for a hug and incredulous why anyone wouldn’t want free hugs ;)  folks sitting on the steps near us mostly didn’t approach us for hugs, but observed us for lengths of time, highly amused.

like many of the acts, it was interesting to see people’s reactions and often, skepticism.  people asked us what church we were with, what we were selling, why were doing it, and what was in it for us.  especially when i handed minicards out – people’s initial reaction was that we were giving out free hugs as promotion for the blog.

as shakirah was the one holding the sign, and i was wrapped up in conversation with people explaining the project, a lot of people were approaching shakirah for hugs.  it didn’t take much for shak to give in to the good energy and become a power-hugger :D  we converted the hard-ass new yorker to some cali lovin awesomeness!!!  yee.  shakirah even introduced two solicitation tactics: eye contact and preemptively opening your arms wide for a hug.  it made it very difficult for folks to refuse us.  shak was very good at making eye contact and talking people into hugs – “weelllll, alllllriiiight,” they’d say.  i favored stalking.  at one point, i caught a couple eyeing us at the street corner and called them out.  they jokingly pretended not to be observing us as i inched over and gave them both hugs and chocolate :)  hahah, they didn’t see that one coming.  of the step people, one man sitting there since the beginning of our session finally approached me 30 minutes or so later and said he needed a hug :D.  on the same steps, a father sat with baby in lap and smiled.

we even made a couple friends.  a young man by the name of zach offered up some chocolate for us to hand out and even sent us home with some free produce.  he told us about his own pay it forward idea around sustainability and composting.  a masseuse named cy shared some sweets with shak and i.  he also offered me up a free 2-minute shoulder massage.  hahahah was a bit of an awkward sight – me soliciting folks amidst contorted massage-reaction facial expressions :D

we were a bit of spectacle, as i’m sure you can imagine.  one man put us up on his twitter feed.  some folks texted their friends to come get a free hug.  other people told their friends to meet them “where the free hugs were,” amused by their friends’ confusion in response.  we ended up taking several photos with tourists and somehow even became the subjects of a mini “photoshoot.”  hopefully we’ll see some of those pictures at some point in life?  if so, i’ll make sure to share them with all yooooz.

we hugged dogs, men in business suits, a kid, a ups lady, students, couples, disabled folks, homeless folks, hippies like us (shak’s one too now), musicians on tall acrobatic-looking bikes from seattle, an environmentalist, a masseuse, tourists and people from endless backgrounds and experiences not readily visible on the surface.  we group hugged.  a particular young man took a liking to shakirah and came back for a second hug on his way back passing us again.

we even hugged a young lady from australia whose friend founded the worldwide “free hugs” campaign in australia a year ago.  apparently it was a youtube phenomenon, which i never knew about because i live under a rock.  quite serendipitous.  check out some youtube footage:

free hugs news coverage:

free hugs campaign music video:

we were having so much fun, we ended up staying an hour past the time we had allotted.  here’s to over a 100 free hugs on a friday afternoon in the san francisco financial district.  and to lots of smiles, lovin, and goodness.


  • write a stranger a happy note :)

again, i thought i was going to do something anonymously for my neighbor whom i don’t like (i don’t remember if i’ve actually written about him here yet) – but again, i decided not to :D  the lemon bars were going to possibly be for him, but instead i decided on bestowing the love on fellow beach bums.

i then decided to perhaps send a random stranger in the phonebook a gift.  but i couldn’t think of something basic and cheap that would fit inside a regular postage envelope.  besides movie tickets.  but i’m also trying to do non-money acts of kindness if something moves me.

so i decided to write a nice note to someone.

ideally, i was going to open up to a random page in the phonebook and find a name.  but in this digital age, i couldn’t remember if i had a phonebook or lest, where i put it (i remember where it’s buried now).  so i had to find a way to be digitally random.  i hit up  there’s no real “browse” feature, only searching.  first i typed in my own last name…but then i thought that was too boring.

there was a fun feature that showed the most popular first and last names in the US and also by state.  i decided against those peeps though.

i searched people with the last name “happy” and “smile,” but decided against choosing them because me writing a happy note to them might be a little cliche and predictable.

so then i decided i wanted to send a note to someone with the last name “funk.”  after browsing a few folks, i decided that people with the last name funk might have issues with their last name and may not enjoy their note.  i mean, i was thinking “funk” more like “fonnnnk” …like, git down.  yadada?  but…then i thought, maybe they got teased in childhood for smelling like “funk” or one could be in a “funk” or something to that effect.  i concluded they may have repressed issues with their last name and might find it offensive that i sought them out with it.  in retrospect, maybe that’s why they’d need a happy card.  yes, i’m also grossly generalizing and reading waaaayyy into things, but that’s me :D

i decided that “funky” would be better.  don’t ask me why, as it probably could have the same teasable applications as “funk.”  for some reason, it just felt safer.  i don’t know…i guess i was just scared of some angry person feeling violated that i found them in an albeit, public, directory – and try to hunt me down.  ummm.  yeah.

anyway.  decided on mailing donna funky from texas.  i wrote her the following note on a pretty papyrus card and slipped a minicard in the envelope:

positivity breeds more positivity, so..

smile :)

i don’t know you and you don’t know me – i found your name randomly in the phonebook.  but i do intentionally hope that maybe this card will brighten your day.

be well.  peace, seher

i actually really like this exercise.  it’s incredibly random and awesome.  i may just do it again one day.

the end :)

day 23: gas

September 25, 2008


  • put $10 on a random gas pump

since i’ve already put $5 on an atm, i wanted to avoid taping a $10 to a gas pump.  i decided that i would approach the gas station attendant and ask him or her to treat the next customer to $10 off their gas bill (and also hand them my mini card).

i had to get gas anyway as my tank was on empty.  so after work, i roll up to the gas station…alllllll ready to go.  except i forgot my mission-critical minicards.

so i decide instead to screw it and go eat dosa with my homie scott instead.

nah.  but we really did eat dosa :D  after which i rush back home to grab my minicards and we hit up a gas station on mission street (yes, mission gets a lot of lovin from the rehes).  i jump out of the car and go inside the mini-mart to talk to dude inside:

“excuse me, do you have 2 $10’s for a $20?” i ask

he looks at me reluctantly, “ehhh…”

he doesn’t really want to give me his change.

…but, he finds some and gives me two $10 bills.

i take one of the bills and slap it right back on the counter.  pull out a minicard and slap that down right there with it:

“can you do something for me?” i ask

“…ehhhhh..” goes dude

“can you tell the next person that comes in here to pay for gas that $10 of their bill is already covered?  then give them this card?”

he seems to understand what i’m saying – he’s nodding.  i start to walk away until i notice that by the look on his face, homie is utterly confused.  i approach him again:

“so, people come in here to put money on those pumps outside right?  like, ‘can i have gas on pump 4, 5, 6?’ right?” i ask

he nods.

“so can you just tell them that $10 of it is already paid for with this money?  and then give them this little card?”

he nods, still a little confused.

“do you get what i’m saying now?  or…?”

he sorta nods.  i think he’s searching for a re-explanation or some punchline.

“um, cool!  you got it!  have a good day!” i quickly say and bust out as i see another customer approaching (a possible beneficiary :D)

i get back into my car and i arch my neck over to see if the guy inside is paying for gas or about to buy something from the mini-mart.  then say to scott:

“what if the attendant guy doesn’t get what i just said?  what if i just bought that dude in line some doritos or something?  what if…”

“this is where you leave it up to fate,” says the wise scott

“oh.  well…” say i

“such a virgo.” (insinuating that i always have to map out, understand, and control everything)



(prep for) day 25: free love

September 24, 2008


  • give out free hugs and chocolate

to garner attendance, i’ve posted a craigslist ad.  feel free to tell friends to come, but i’m trying to keep the larger “love is the word” project anonymous on the craigslist ad.  i’ll hand out minicards and let folks know about it all at the actual event – just think it’s more fun/interesting to leave larger details a mystery for now.

a recount of the process/event will be up for the actual “day 25” post :)  just wanted to give you folks a heads up if you want to come!


subject: free love

i am giving out free hugs and chocolate.

this friday, 9/26, 4-5PM
@ one post plaza near the triangular sitting steps (market and montgomery streets)

no strings. i just think the world can always benefit from some good positive energy – just because.

i’ll be the long curly haired female wearing a yellow beanie and holding a large sign lettered “FREE HUGS.”

come if you need a hug. come if you want to give a hug. come to laugh at corny people.

one note: let’s keep the hugging PG, thank you :)