your stories.

September 23, 2008

with just over a week left in the project, i’ve begun a little thinking about next steps for this “portal” i’m trying to create.  some may remember me mentioning another project i wanted to introduce via this site.  how long it will take me to plan and formulate the model for that project – i don’t know yet.

but, with this particular project – i have an idea.  you all!!!

i would love to continue to use this space as a forum/display/community where people can read about acts of kindness experiences and ideas.  so, if you have done an act of kindness (or are planning on doing one) that you’d like to write about…send me a story!  write one on behalf of a friend if you saw/heard of them doing something nice.  if someone did something nice for you – give em props, tell us about it!  you can include names or you can be completely anonymous.  your choice.

send all submissions to:

i will begin posting your stories after the final entry for the 30 days project :)

i really hope you consider sharing – very much looking forward to it.