(prep for) day 25: free love

September 24, 2008


  • give out free hugs and chocolate

to garner attendance, i’ve posted a craigslist ad.  feel free to tell friends to come, but i’m trying to keep the larger “love is the word” project anonymous on the craigslist ad.  i’ll hand out minicards and let folks know about it all at the actual event – just think it’s more fun/interesting to leave larger details a mystery for now.

a recount of the process/event will be up for the actual “day 25” post :)  just wanted to give you folks a heads up if you want to come!


subject: free love

i am giving out free hugs and chocolate.

this friday, 9/26, 4-5PM
@ one post plaza near the triangular sitting steps (market and montgomery streets)

no strings. i just think the world can always benefit from some good positive energy – just because.

i’ll be the long curly haired female wearing a yellow beanie and holding a large sign lettered “FREE HUGS.”

come if you need a hug. come if you want to give a hug. come to laugh at corny people.

one note: let’s keep the hugging PG, thank you :)