i would love to continue to use this space as a forum/display/community where people can read about acts of kindness experiences and ideas.

so, if you have done an act of kindness (or are planning on doing one) that you’d like to write about…send me a story!  write one on behalf of a friend.  or if someone did something nice for you – give em props, tell us about it!  you can include names or you can be completely anonymous.  your choice.

send all submissions to: loveistheword.org@gmail.com

i will begin posting your stories as i receive them.

i really hope you consider sharing – very much looking forward to it.



3 Responses to “submit your story”

  1. Black women are very unique and, they are a really different
    breed of women. There are a lot of stereotypes related to black women and, you will discover the women extremely amazing.
    Black girls have a dark skin and, they are known for their nature of
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    African women are understood to be modest and very calm.
    Because they have comparable functions, it typically becomes extremely tough to inform the females apart physically.
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    The black area in America has actually had to fight numerous battles simply to be heard.

  2. Bria said

    Kindness is very nice no one should repay u

  3. Catherine said

    All women are unique!Black, Brown, white, are only colors that are skin. We all have the same color blood and hearts. I personally am so tired of hearing about black people seeking pitty when they are the ones that won’t forget about things that this generation has nothing to do with. This generation is getting treated as if we are the ones who made black people slaves. Black people are very bitter towards white people today and it’s not our fault that things were the way they were SOOOO many decades ago. Black people today act like they experienced slavery when none of us can do anything about the past. We are all children of our Father’s in heaven. He created us all individually to be unique in our own ways. So to all black people stop treating white people of this generation like crap. We had nothing to do with whatever happened so many decades ago. Let it go already and start doing some acts of kindness to a white person. Stop all the discrimination pitty parties as if you are being treated differently than everyone else in the United States and be thankful you do live in such a wonderful country. We are all children of the same creator. Most of all remember there is no discrimination in heaven so you my as well start forgetting about past decades and judging this generation because that is sinning. It’s not worth it because we will all have our judgement day, but it’s not today or for anyone except our Lord and savior to do anyway. Be kind, love your neighbor, and forgive and forget the past!

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